Which psu and video graphics card?

I'm currently looking for a psu and vg card for my HP Envy h8-1414 pc.
Are these compatible ?
I checked on the price of the Corsair CX 430 ($39.99) very reasonable priced but would you recommend the Antec ATX12V 450W($38.24) as a better alternative?. I would rather put the time and money into the psu to get the best graphics card for my budget.
I know very little about the various graphic cards on the market, so if don't mind answer these few questions;
Is a Galaxy Geforce GTX 650 GC 1GB ($114.00 and $94.00 after mail-in rebate) or the Gigabyte Geforce GTX 650 Ti ($129.99) the best card for my money and if not what's your recommendation to keep my budget around $150-$175?
Once I have these two items in hand how difficult is the power supply to change out?
I've installed graphics cards before but I've heard that windows 8 causes probs. in the installation of the driver software, Is this true?
Last question, will the installation of these two devices be worth my time and money? (Are the graphic details going to be much more enhanced?)
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  1. The antec your talking about, it's the VP series right? Those are very excellent PSU's for the money. As for your GPU, I would recommend the 650Ti, it's worth the price difference.
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