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How does the i5 3570k perform at stock 3.4GHz? I built a new PC and my MOBO was free - unfortunately it can't OC and I don't have the money to buy a new MOBO at the moment. Will the i5 3570k clocked at 3.4GHz beat an AMD FX-8120 clocked at 3.9GHz? Thanks in advance!
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  1. In gaming, yes it will beat the 8120 easily in games.
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    I dont understand why you want to compare a 3570k with the FX-8120 since you got Intel platform. But to answer your question the 3570k easily beats not just FX-8120 but also overclocked Fx-6300 since its the best gaming processor at this time. If your planing to run the 3570k non overclocked then you might aswell get a i5 3470 or non K 3570 to attain the same perfomance in games but @ less cost.
    Following is a comparison :

    Notice how the CPU performance lineup @ stock speed with same HD7970 GFX Card:
  3. Okay, thanks guys!
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