CPU from overheating to fried?

My desktop computer was overheating, so taking the suggestions from a recent post I ordered some thermal paste which hasn't arrived. Yesterday I needed some tax records from it and it looks like I overstayed my welcome because the computer no longer has any output to the monitor. The computer makes its normal sounds as it starts up, but nothing is displayed, not even the BIOS info, and the monitor goes to sleep almost instantaneously, and as before, the CPU gets hot very fast. I don’t know exactly which part is not working but I think it’s probably the CPU as it was going above 90C while I was locating the files I needed.

I had been thinking about upgrading the CPU, motherboard, and memory to an Intel Core i5 combination, so perhaps this is a forced opportunity.

What new components would people recommend for about $400-500?

Current Computer
CPU-AMD 720 X3 Black not overclocked with stock CPU fan and heat sink
MB-Biostar TA 790 GX 128M
Video-HIS 6850 1GB; PCI 2.1
Memory-4GB G.Skill Memory
Power Supply-Corsair 650 watt
Drive 1-WDC 640 GB
Drive 2-Samsung HD103SJ 1 TB
SSD-Samsung 830 256GB (which I haven’t yet connected)
DVD-Pioneer DVD
Case-LianLi PC-7B
Monitor- HP 25"
OS-Windows 7 Home Premium
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  1. CPU
    Intel- 3570k ($230)
    AMD- 8350 ($199)

    3470- ASRock Z77 Extreme4 Motherboard ($135). Really, any ASUS, GIGABYTE or ASROCK motherboard should do fine. NOTE: Has to be "Z77".
    8350- ASRock 990FX Extreme3 Motherboard ($130). Any reputable brand that suits your needs really. NOTE: Preferably "990FX".

    8GB 1600 $45. Any would do (G.skill, Corsair)

    Total Costs: $350-450. Depends.

    Generally, the Intel build will be the more powerful, especially when Overclocked.
    I would recommend the Intel build.

    If you're thinking of overclocking, then I recommend the Hyper 212 EVO for roughly $35.

    Hope this answers your question.
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