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Hi, thanks for reading.

I tried to google this, but it was no help. I am wondering if it is possible to set up sli so that each card runs an instance of a game. I want to run two copies of Minecraft on my PC so me and my nephew can play together. I have a dual monitor setup. Minecraft/java doesn't work with sli at all, just one card. I've gotten two instances to work so far by using one card, I set it up so he uses an xbox controller and I use the keyboard and mouse :). But is it possible to have it use one card per game?

-windows 7 64 bit
-gtx 560 ti 448 core x2 sli


link to the mod for minecrafters (if any)
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  1. I dont think you can, but any graphical power needed (which is going to be nil, its Minecraft :lol:) will be drawn from the cards combined abilities.
  2. Minecraft doesn't work with sli, it's only coded to use one card. I was hoping I could split sli up by program or monitor. I am planning on running this

    It's really demanding, its a mod that makes dynamic shadows based on sun position and other effects like dof and parallax mapping.
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