Can I use powerline networking for two DIFFERENT isps within the same house?


I have 2 isps connected to my house. One is cable and the other is DSL. I am wondering whether I can use one powerline adapter set for cable and another powerline adapter set for DSL. In other words, can the powerline carry data information from two different isps at the same time or not?

I hope this is clear. Thanks
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  1. Maybe using two different IP address ranges, one for each ISP. example ISP 1,, ISP 2,
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    If you use 2 different sets on 2 different encryption they will be completely separate....but they will still share the total capacity of the wiring in the house. Hard to say how much they will interfere best case they would each get half but I bet it will much less.
  3. Hmm ok. So it is physically and theortically possible although there might be interference. I guess I will try and see how it goes. Thanks.
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