16gb in dual or quad channel?

I just want to upgrade to 16gb of ram and I can either do that with 2 or 4 sticks. It is almost 20$ cheaper to do it with 2

I was wondering if there was any performance increase or need to have quad channel?

Also, I just like the look of a big brick of RAM heatsinks.

Dont question my want for 16. I know it is not necessary. I already have 8
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    Dual/quad channel capability is determined by the motherboard.
    For most, like socket 1155, there is dual channel only, regardless if populated by 2 or 4 sticks.
    You would do better with 16gb in a 2 x 8gb configuration. It is usually cheaper, and two sticks are easier for a motherboard to handle if you are overclocking.
    1.5v ram does not need any heat sinks at all. They are mostly marketing. Tall heat spreaders can interfere with some cpu coolers. Only if you are a record seeking overclocker trying to reach maximum ram speeds might there be a benefit.

    And... high speed ram may not increase your fps or app performance to be worth much.
    Read this:

    Lastly, ram vendors will not support ram from different kits. If you add another 8gb , you are on your own if it does not work properly.
  2. Only a Sandy Bridge-E cpu (LGA 2011) can actually run memory in quad channel mode, and even there it only gives a benefit in certain situations:
  3. Get the 2x8, for the sake of if you want 32 later you won't have to throw anything out, plus it's cheaper. Even if it were in the same ballpark or a few $ more expensive I would've gone 2x8

    So I'm not questioning your want, but actually suggesting you might want even more later.
  4. Alright, thanks.

    I'm going to be building my friend a computer soon so ill just sell him my old 8gb and upgrade :)
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