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Music folders I created are giving me a "You need permission to perform this action. You require permission from X\Rich to make changes to this folder" when trying to delete them. I am logged in to Rich (who is an administrator) and all attempts to change ownership fail because it says I don't have permission. I do because the permissions properties says all Administrators have full access and I even have Rich down having full access. I am considering booting into my Linux disc but it should not be that hard to delete a folder I made. Utterly stupid and this isn't the first permissions related problem I have had. Any ideas? Is there a way to reset all Windows folder permissions? Google searching has led to no answers and lots of frustration.

(edit) I verified that the user I am on is the owner. This is utter bullsh*t.
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  1. Go the folder rights, and uncheck "inherit from parent", try again.
  2. hang-the-9 said:
    Go the folder rights, and uncheck "inherit from parent", try again.

    Not a big fan of the new theme of Tom's. Anyways it didn't work. Tried that from another fix right before I threw in the towel. Booted from an Ubuntu disc I had lying around and deleted it from that. Worked great.
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