Overclocking a Biostar TA970

Hey, folks. After doing some snooping around I've been having some trouble figuring out how to properly overclock my FX-8350. I have a Biostar TA970 (not the XE). Some of the features that certain AM3+ guides mention aren't there in the BIOS, although I do see at least a few. I just want to make sure I do this right.
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  1. Hey there,

    Make sure that before you attempt overclocking you have the necessary hardware (preferably an aftermarket cpu cooler), and necessary software (A temp monitoring program like HWinfo64, and Prime95 and/or Intel Burn Test).

    Make sure you disable spread spectrum, coolnquiet, Core C6, AMD Application Management. Basically, anything that can and may restrict voltage to your cpu should be disabled. Also you will want to manually set your RAM timings. Is there a possibility you could screenshot your bios so I could see the options available? If not please list what you have for advanced cpu options in your bios.
  2. If I could quote this guy, I would... jnewegger23, when I asked an overclocking question, told me to find an overclocking guide for my motherboard specifically, but this guy's worked fine.
  3. Hello.

    I asked this same question basically, and I was linked to this youtube video;

    I have a FX 6100, and I was able to overclock to 3.9 GHz without failing to POST or blue screening or crashing. Just follow this, take down what you need to, and do what he says. You might need to do some stuff under the ADVANCED tab in the BIOS, and some stuff in the PERFORMANCE tab of the BIOS. Look through these two places to find what you need to turn off.
  4. Oh. And, if you don't do it right, meaning that your computer fails to boot properly after overclocking, you will have to reset your BIOS. There should be a jumper under the graphics card, at the end of the board closest to the front of the computer. Unless your computer has the access side whatever it's called on the left instead of the right, in which case the jumper would be on the opposite side, near the back of the computer. You can see your manual for how to reset your BIOS after that.
  5. With a 4+1 power phase that board isn't worth overclocking on.
  6. Well, You can't overclock much, but if you want just a bit of a jump in performance then it's worth it. I just did some research on power phases, and I've seen that it doesn't really matter what your phase power is as long as it gives 400A of power.
  7. I managed to successfully overclock my FX 6300 from 3.5 to 4.2 GHz on my TA 970.

    I upped the clock multiplier, and set the core voltage to 1.3875 in the bios. It runs about 15-20 degrees hotter under full load (Intel Burn Test) up to about 63, but its completely stable. Once I move over to water cooling, I'm sure I can get more out of it, but I'm hesitant to have the processor sit above 65 for long periods.
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