My desktop can't find WiFi connection?

Today I finished building my computer, I installed Windows 8 and now installing the drivers. The only problem is that I need to have internet connection in order to get the drivers. I did a quick google search to figure out how to connect to the WiFi in my home... only to find it can't find any wireless signal anywhere. This is odd because i'm on my MacBook Pro a foot away from the computer and have a full connection bar to my WiFi and even a small connection to my neighbors.

Can anyone tell me why my computer can't scan for my wifi? I know that there's nothing wrong router side because I wouldn't have been able to make this post.


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  1. Does your desktop have a wireless card? If it doesn't the odds are your motherboard does not have a built-in wireless card (only a few high-end boards do).

    You need to connect to the wired connection (plug in the ethernet cable).
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    Also, if you do have a wifi card but the wifi drivers aren't installed you'd have the same issue.

    However, there should be a driver install disk that came with the board - just use that. If you want the latest drivers, you can use another computer and put them on a USB stick
  3. Yea :( turns out my motherboard doesn't have a wireless card built-in. I have an asrock z77 extreme4. Do you know any good wifi cards I could buy?
  4. I couldn't list a model offhand. Do a search on newegg or amazon or your favorite store and read the reviews.
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