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Hi, I know that there are a lot of people out there, having problems with Limited Access. There does not appear to be any clear answer to the problem.
I have Windows 7 Home Premium 32 bit. It has just developed this problem of Limited Access, I have tried different PCI Wireless Cards, USB Wireless Adapter, different Modems?Routers, and I just cannot connect to the Internet. I have tried using a DSL Cable, direct to the Modem My wife has a computer, using the same Modem as myself, and she connects without any problem. So the problem is in the OS, as the Wireless Hardware, works fine.
Would appreciate advice or help, as I really don't want to do a clean re install of Windows.
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  1. You might have 2 many phantom network adapters in windows, it may help to remove all the old adapters and any unused drivers.

    or phantom networks, I had one last week. Happens when you fiddle a lot and windows doesn't clean up.
  2. Thank you royalcrown, for your advice. I will try that suggestion, I have also printed the postings from the Link. It will take some time to read, but I will let you know. There is also a problem I think with the IP Address, the first address is and the second is 255.255.0 They just don't seem right to me, but I am on automatic choice in V4 and V6
  3. aussietaff, the second address is correct for what is called your SUBNET. Those numbers are correct and usually the default for most routers. That can happen if windows has a bunch of "home networks" listed and you really only have one.

    Another weird thing I had happen one time is that my "home" network got labeled as "public" on time when I was fooling with some virtual pc software. Windows tends to lock down the "public" settings more because it is meant for a machine that is shared by multiple users, such as a kiosk or library. You could check that real quick too. If you go to control panel, then to network and look in the box that says "view your active networks", then underneath the name of the network, you will see a blue link you can click on that says if it is "home" or "public". From there you can switch it to home and try it if it is public.
  4. Thank you royalcrown, Much appreciate your help. I am still workig on it.
  5. Thank you royalcrown for your help, unfortunitely, I could not find anything to fix the situation, so in the end I did a clean install of Windows 7, big job, but at least everything is working again.
    Just as a matter of interest, when you reinstall Windows 7, it uses quite a large portion of another partition, with a reserved area. Apparently this is now standard, and it cannot be deleted or Formatted.
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