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hello dears ,

yesterday while i was working on some programs on my laptop suddenely it stopped working and restarted by its self i think some corruption happened but when it started working again some of the programs were removed form the display and couldn't find them like eclipse (for mobile programming ) and microsoft dynamics although they are still in the programs file installed .

Please help how do i get them back and what was the problem ??
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  1. Where did the programs disappear from? The desktop? If so, they were probably just shortcuts. Replace them by going into your program files, finding the executable, right clicking and selecting 'send to'->'Desktop (create shortcut)'. Alternatively, you can find them in your start menu.

    As to the crash, was there a blue screen or did it just restart? My first guess would be ram, but it could be a whole bunch of things. If you think your Windows installation is corrupter (I don't know why you think that, but it's possible I suppose), open up a cmd prompt (start->search for cmd->rightclick->open as admin) and type (without quotes) 'sfc /scannow'. This will scan the OS's system files for errors.

    Also, see if a dmp file was created when it crashed. Check %SystemRoot%\MEMORY.DMP , if it's empty, then one wasn't made.
  2. iam appreciated to have a reply for you . T|hey disappeared form the desktop i created a shortcut as you said but the whole file was copied to the desktop without an icon !!!
    As for the corruption it just restarted and while restarting a box appeared like updating windows or something like that
  3. sorry I don't quite understand. If you right click on a file and select 'send to'->'Desktop (create shortcut)' it creates a shortcut on the desktop. You can tell it is a shortcut because it has this arrow in the corner:

    You need to do this to the executable though. Executables show as type 'Application' in windows. They usually have a similar name to the program. So, for example, Paint has the executable "mspaint".

    A windows update isn't corruption, it's perfectly normal. Has windows crashed more than once?
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