Suggest me a mother board for Intel i5 Processor

pls . suggest me a mother board for Intel i5 processor , and i can run games efficently . my budget is 3000 - 5000 INR
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  1. What processor exactly? there are 3 generations of i5 cpus. Also, do you need to overclock? Are you using a GPU, which one? And what is you're preferred purchasing location (preferably an online store)?
  2. purchase location India (Chennai) , i too need a GPU too , i dont Over clock my motherboard . i5 3rd gen i 2340
  3. get this mobo as it is best under 5k and for non oc


    Good luck!
  4. umm, i don't think that cpu number is correct. 3rd gen i5 cpus are 3xxx. And there is no i5-2340 in any generation.
    But, assuming you have a 3rd gen i5 and don't want to OC, something like this would work:
    It would take a 3rd gen i5 and any GPU without bottlenecking anything. Unfortunately, you are limited to micro-atx boards at your budget, so the features (number of USB ports, etc) are limited.

    ASHISH's selection also works.
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