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I have them running at stock but I dotn understand it other then theres not a whole lot of room between the 2 graphics cards but there getting 2 hot 88-92c when playin games. I need to lower those temps and don't know how or what to do. I have noticed one card is running cool but the other card rns 16degreesc higher then the other how do iu get that temp down
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  1. U're right, It's normal when one card is hotter since there a little room to breath...

    If your case able to use side fan then try using it... blowing air towards it will helps...
    else is ramp up the card fan speed (rpm) using afterburner / etc....
  2. this is your motherboard, right?:
    Try putting one card in the top slop and one in the bottom. This should widen the gap and allow for more airflow. You might need a longer bridge though.
  3. slicedtoad said:
    ...Try putting one card in the top slop and one in the bottom. This should widen the gap and allow for more airflow. You might need a longer bridge though....

    actually it not advised to set this.... (IMO)

    I haven't check it but, usually the pci-ex bus the top and the bottom is linked so u will only get 8x/8x in this setup, on contrary with 16x/8x... (using 16x_1 and 8x_1)...

    I haven't seen cf bridge that long, so it may hard to get.....
  4. The difference between 16x/8x and 8x/8x is very minimal on 2 7850s (assuming his sig is accurate) unless you're doing gpu compute tasks. Also, judging by the manual, I think it is still 16x/8x with slots 1 and 3 filled (but manuals are pretty unreliable).
    As to the CF bridge, you can get them up to 100m which is enough to cover 5 slots.
  5. well actualy I have an intel DX58OG board and it does 16/16x and the cards are on top of each other only way they'll go. I ranked fan speed to full throttle still getting 94C and crashes. I do have my cpu overclocked but not the graphics cards is there anything in bios that lower pcie temp or what else could I do maybe underpower the cards idk my case is an antec 1200 nice case there no reason for this really but idk what to do
  6. Ah, you should think about changing your sig. Unless you have more than one computer.

    What GPUs?

    And do you have a fan installed on the door? A decent fan there might help force some air between the cards. Also, the top 200mm fan is blowing upwards right?
  7. yup top fan blowin upward good fans on door fully loaded and clean air flow. the gpu's are 7850's
  8. Well, other than changing the coolers on the gpu, you could try the following:
    -Go into ccc->performance and change the "power control" slider bar to -20% for the top card. It will kill your performance, but it's better than crashing i suppose.
    -swap the cards, make sure that both cards have the same problem. If they don't then the currently hot one has a specific problem that can probably be addressed.
  9. yea im beginning to wonder that myself one is new I think i'll try it by itself and see if it runs way hoter naturaly or somthin. as far as changing the cooler id like to be able o overclock them iv never done mods but its an idea just not sure where to start

    the different programs im usin t look at temp is ot exactly clewar as to wich card is wich so which cad do you suspect is running hotter the one on top or the one on bottom? the temp programs just show two card with one running hotter then the other
  10. the top one should be hotter since it gets less air.
  11. whats thew best cooler if I was to mod it and nput my own cooler on in such air cooler
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    damn, I assumed there would be some decent 2 slot aftermarket coolers but they only seem to make 3+ slot ones. So unless you went with a custom water loop (which is really expensive) I don't think it's an option, sorry. A new mobo with triple slot spacing would be an option but since it's x58 that's not really practical (x58 mobos are scarce and expensive now).

    Try swapping the cards and see if it's always the top card with the heat problems. If the other card does better on top than the current one, then you know there's a problem other than spacing and we can go from there. To tell which one is on top, you can turn CF off in the ccc. Once CF is off, only the top card will be used.
  13. I found a faster fan and also ordered a very high airflow fan to blow on it cause I got a digilal fan controller so ill just make it noisy when I game.

    however Im startin to think heat didn't make it freaze. because now when im able to ctrl aalt --out it says direct x 9 had failed with issues ect, and my system was more stablke when I downloaded dx9 but how can I get the latest
  14. directx is built into windows and windows updates. It can be updated manually (updates dx 9, 10 and 11) via

    What's the exact error message? It sounds like the errors I get when I OC a gpu too much or haven't installed the drivers correctly.

    95C is around the temperature where problems arise due to heat though (AMD doesn't seem to release official documentation on their gpus like intel so I don't know what the exact ceiling is). NVidia's 6xx series cards auto-downclock when temps go to high (which is actually quite annoying) but I guess the red team didn't follow suit.
  15. well I think I got it down to 86c by installing 2 high powered fans for the door fans I just jack speed up on when gamine. as for the other errors it was a direct x9 error not excactly sure wich but manuauly installing dx9 overtop what was alrdy there semmed to fix it
  16. 86C is much better, hopefully that stops the crashes.
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