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After finishing the construction of my custom PC with the exception of the CPU which is being shipped, I did some research to see whether I could power it up just to see that every was working at some degree. I have seen various posts that say nothing will happen, the BIOS will appear, etc. After starting mine up everything seems to start up but there is no output from the motherboard GPU or my additional GPU. Should I be concerned or will this be something that the CPU will fix?
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  1. No to a post screen appearing. You need the cpu, at least one stick of ram, and the video port connected either with onboard video or a separate video card to see a post screen. That's why I always recommend you buy everything at once so you can test it. You only get 30 days to return most parts, and newegg only gives you 7 days to return a cpu.
  2. are you serious?.donot do anything please.wait for cpu.pc will not post without cpu
  3. without a cpu it is nothing, I would not be concerned in the slightest.

    however a lesson for life. Buy everything you need at the same time, or nearly so, so that if you have a fault you find out immediately, and not several weeks later, if you receive something and can return it immediately you will often be dealt with better.
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