Zotac GeForce GT610 PCI

Hi there!

I've recently purchased a Zotac GeForce GT610 PCI (not PCIe) video card.
I've got a problem with it or with the motherboard.When I placed it in the PCI slot,the PC didn't post anything.I've a PCI mobo tester card too,so I placed it in the other PCI slot.It posted error code 94.
I've found this on the net: http://blog.tabinda.net/microhard/the-troubled-sandy-bridge-platform-error-codes-0d-62-94-d2/
If I remove everything from the PCIe slots,and only the Zotac is in,there is still error code 94.
Anyone else has got this problem? :(
Configuration: ASRock 970 Extreme3 + AMD-FX-6300 + 4x2 GB DDR3 RAM + SSD + HDD +optical drive
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  1. why would you buy a pci and not pci-e? maybe it's a bad card, if you just bought it, bring it back and have them test it.
  2. The card is working in my other mobo: MSI 945GCM478.I bought this card because it fits in any mobo with PCI v2.2+ slot :)
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