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I know a DVD-ROM is required for a pc as i am making a pc from scratch, but i do not know what to look for when picking one, my budget for the dvd-rom piece is around £200 as i do not know what one would cost have you any suggestions on a good dvd-rom component? AM3+ if socket names are neceesary
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  1. DVD drives are cheap! Don't bother getting blu-ray. Any DVD drive will do.

    Here is one :

    Use the extra cash to get a better graphics card.
  2. Duke Nucome said:
    Get a cheap USB DVD drive they are like $20. DVD is not requited for a PC build anymore and I never use/need one but to each their own. I think DVD drives make PC builds look cheap and ugly and more bunged up IMO.

    Necessary for older games though...
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