GTA 5 - Xbox 360 or PS3? Which one to get for GTA V?

Hey guys how you doing, i don't have an idea about consoles so i thought this would be a good place to ask. I am a very...devoted and passionate PC gamer, always been always will be. I am asking this question in case GTA 5 doesn't come out on PC, i may save some money and get a console.
Gta 5 as you may now won't come out on next gen consoles so... i chose 1 of each consoles that people told me were the best versions of it.

I am interested in gaming performance and graphics, as well as will i be able to attach keyboard and mouse and keyboard to it as i am not touching that weird controller thing. Also a side question, can i attach my ASUS 24'' VE248 PC monitor to it as i don't have a big tv?

What i was told by many were the best ps3 and xbox versions :

PS3 320GB

Xbox 360 250GB Console

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  1. It will come out on PC, they don't want to overshadow the console launches as they will look significantly worse.

    I would bet it will be released on next gen console eventually too. As we've seen from iceenhancer rockstars engines are very flexible, it would look like a new game on ps4, pc etc.
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