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Hi, I wanted to ask if anyone could clue me in on the setting to this new graphics card. I recently put a Sapphire Radeon 7750 in and it made a difference in my game, WOW. I am currently getting 30frm in city, but it seems to spike in newer areas.

So my question is the graphics card settings. I really don't know where they should be at and can't seem to find any info on line where to put them.

Under gaming, there is 3D application settings and they are at default as this...

Anti-Aliasing Mode-Use application settings
Anti-Aliasing Samples-Use application settings
Anti-Aliasing Method-Multisampling
Morphological Filtering-Off

Anisotropic Filtering Mode- Use application settings
Anisotropic Filtering Level-Use application settings
Texture Filtering Quality-Standard
Surface Format Optimizaing-On

Wait for Vertical Refresh- Off, unless application specifies
OpenGL Triple Buffering- Off

Tesselation Mode- AMD optimized
Maximum Tesselllation Le...-AMD optimized

I have most the in game settings on recommeded or less, and I did turn the vertical sync, and triple buffering on.

If anyone has any suggestions on if I should change any of this I do appriciate it in advance.
I am just glad to play on my large moniter and desktop again, instead of my laptop. But it would be nice to stop the spikes....
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    I leave the driver settings as stock-as you have.
    Forcing changes through the drivers can adversely effect the game, it's usually better to make changes through the ingame options.
    Google 'Antialiasing' for more detailed info on what it is and how it works but for a HD7750 I'd suggest you leave it very low, or, better still, off altogether as it has a heavy impact on framerates on this card.
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