Router/Switch Combo - switch devices have internet access?


Rookie question - 1 of 2 slave wireless routers "expired" and i am thinking of replacing with a switch. Will the devices connected to the switch (a wired desktop PC and an Oregon Scientific weather station) have internet access thru the "master" router?

A little more info...

TrendNet Wired router (master) connected directly to the cable modem. 4 LAN ports on the TrendNet - (1) - wireless router, (2) wireless router - replacing, (3) desktop, (4) networked print server.

On the wireless that will be replaced - (4) LAN ports - (1) 2nd desktop, (2) spare wired connection for work PC, (3) weather station and (4) empty.

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  1. short answer is YES
  2. Emerald said:
    short answer is YES

    Thanks Emerald!
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