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I want to setup XP pro on an external HDD as a back up for an old Dell. I would be booting up through USB so I'd have to make sure that my bios would allow me to boot first. From what I have read though it seems like a bad idea because the write speeds would be horrible. Is this correct if I was just gonna ghost the HDD to an eternal one or external to HDD.
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  1. Why not just create a ghost image(and keep the image on the USB)? Then you could put the image on new drive if the current one failed.
  2. well what I want is a fresh install of XP pro on the external that I would ghost to the dell.
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    Install xp on the Dell and ghost it to the external or install xp on the external and ghost it to the internal.
    You end up with a fresh XP install in both locations but installing to the internal will go alot faster than installing to the external. The ghosting will take the same amount of time no matter which way you roll it.
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