Blue screen on rv511 while busy with internet

Every time while i am busy with internet on outlook, with cell c internet, to download my e mails, i get a blue screen with a lot of information and the laptop freeze. I have to use the startbutton to restart again. The laptop was 3 times to computershops for repairs on East Rand with no success. What now? Any suggestions. The laptop is 18 month old.
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  1. A "blue screen" or "blue screen of death" (bsod) can be cause by many many different things.. if the computer is only 18 months old, it is less likely to be a hardware issue although still possible. That being said, I would try to cover all the software issues first.

    Typically when I work on computers that are getting the BSOD, I make sure they have all the latest windows updates and also all the latest drivers from the manufacturer's website. Often times the manufacturer will release an update that fixes these sorts of issues. I would hope that if you took it to a computer shop multiple times, they would have done this, but you never know.

    Unfortunately you didn't give us very much information to work with so it will be very hard to diagnose your problem further. Try checking the manufacturer's website to see if you have all of the latest drivers and updates, and make sure your windows updates are all caught up. Also, if there is any information on the blue screen that you can write down, that would help too!
  2. Dear friend.

    Thank for you quick reply. I am a retired person and not so much qualified on laptops. But i am trying. I wrote all the info from the blue screen and if you send me you e mail adress or fax no i will forward the info to you. Thanks very much Hannes Venter.
  3. You can email me at

    12stones at gmail dot com
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