Building new gaming PC for around $750-800


I am building a gaming pc for $750-800. the major games that i will be playing are- fifa, f1, cod, civilization, far cry etc in medium-high settings. i have shortlisted the following components:

Intel DB75EN Motherboard
Intel i3 3220 3.3ghz
4 gb ram

i wanted to know if these components are sufficient for my requirements?? and also will i be able to play newer games in medium-high settings for next 4-5 years???
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  1. How in the world are those parts costing you $750?

    Where do you live? Do you already have a monitor? What resolution is it?

    Also, no, a 650 isn't going to get you medium-high settings right now, MUCH LESS in five years!
  2. Those parts shouldn't be $750... We can help you out a little more if we know where you're located.
  3. i live in india. these parts are costing me around $450 and the rest of the budget is for rest of the components. here is a link:
  4. What other components, HDMI cable, mouse keyboard? I would use a tv if you already have one as the monitor. With this set up you will not be able to play current games at medium high settings, let alone 4-5 years...
  5. I cant hook up the tv... I will need a monitor... The other components are cabinet, hdd, power box, monitor, optical disk drive... And if this gpu wont work then please recommend a gpu within my budget tha can satisfy my requirements for atleast a couple of years
  6. Its not just the gpu, its the cpu as well, the ram etc...
  7. i5-3570K, 7870 LE, 8GB Ram, Z77 (Asrock, ASUS, gigabyte) MOBO, corsair seasonic antec (brands) PSU, Case or cabinet, mouse keyboard, tv's are cheaper in the states than monitors, dvd drive, hdd, windows 7. I think this should game for 2-3 years.

    But the cheapest I could get this for without a monitor was around 1,000 on flipkart, sorry bud. If I were you I'd buy everything except the GPU and save for that, you want a good cpu mobo and ram. A good PSU will make your system last longer.
  8. Just a thought do you have newegg india, ebay, microcenter etc...? These prices seem a little steep.
  9. we have ebay but its nothing cheaper than flipkart... i might save around $50 if i get all these parts from a single retailer but not more than that..

    so if i have to go with the components shortlisted then what can i expect?? can i play in low settings atleast??
    Because i saw on websites like game debate and notebook check that it should be fine for med-high settings
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