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My computer keeps freezing when i try to open up certain programs. It first started happening with skype which i re installed and installed it again and it didn't freeze a tall after that. Then i loaded up a game and i got to launcher of the game where i launched it. After about 5 seconds my computer froze completely and i had to shut it down by the power button. I have tried to re install this game but it still freezes my whole computer can anybody help.

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  1. What kind of operating system do you use? Did you checked motherboard health. Processor, voltage, temperature?
    Generally yout problem looks like classic problem with memory chip or overheating (for older processers).
    Correct placement, swap or try to replace memory chips.

    Quick support. Stemple Nadruki Szczecin
  2. Can possibally be a memory narrowing down issue. You gotto ensure if your system is compatible enough for running the particular game. Besides, it can be because of registry errors too. Use a reg soft ( for cleaning and fixing registry errors. It should fix errors in your PC and it does, if its because of registry. Finally, increase virtual memory of your system!!
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