Window drag lagging/flickering problems

Whenever I drag a window it seems to lag, it shows parts of the window where it used to be and after it has moved or closed. When it does this it flickers its not like its solid. Also when I mouse over something and it highlights it it also highlights the other things I just moused over to get to where I wanted to go.

I tried updating my graphics drivers because they were old but it still does it. I have tried taking a screenshot but it does not show up in it. It does not do it on windows 7 just windows 8, it does it on both my monitors

Any ideas what it could be?


Amd fx8320
Nvidia gtx560 running latest drivers, 314 or something
windows 8 pro
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  1. I have a bad feeling you are seeing an issue that will have to be corrected in future drivers.

    Check and see if it does it on just one screen.

    It may be worth reporting it to Nvidia.
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