Is my computer dying?


I bought my machine back around march 2009 in a computer store in my town. Paid around $1500 CND

i5 750 2.67Ghz
Gigabyte HD 4890 1gb
1 Tb HDD
Windows 7 64 bits
DVD drive
4Gb DDR3 of noname ram

After about 1 year, in 2010, i bought a HD 6970 since I was getting bad performances in Full HD. I later realized that I was getting these bad performances because them reta**** plugged the video card in the PCIE x4 instead of x16. At that time, I didn't know nothing about computers, so I could have never imagined I spent $400 because of this.

So anyway, I was screwed over and I got a shit*** machine. I've been having audio and usb problems for a while, can't get a microphone to work and speakers port is sensitive like hell, quality decreasing everyday. Front ports give really bad sound quality (electronic noises), really noisy power supply and CPU fan and now, for about 4 days, my computer has been shutting down after 5 mins of gaming. It'll shut down and restart like nothing happened. no BSOD, no error messages...Started happening after I opened my PSU to see if I could stop the fan, pretty sure there was no static electricity.Set everything back as it were. I also installed COH 2 Beta, do you think it has something with my issues?

No viruses, too.

I think I'll just build myself a new machine with Haswell Cpu and socket 1150. I've got about $2000 and I already have my monitor, speakers, keyboard..Windows 8, SSD and 8Gb of ram.

Thanks guys
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  1. What power supply do you have? It could easily be a pile of crap. The rest of the system is actually decent enough, though you obviously could have saved some money both at the original purchase and with the 6970.

    In other news, please don't stop the fans in your hardware just because they're noisy. Particularly not in your power supply. I don't know about you, but I'd prefer a noisy power supply over one that overheats and dies (potentially taking other components with it). Get a quieter fan instead, or a quieter case, or improve airflow so the fans don't have to spin so fast to cool your components.
  2. It's this

    Ok, anyway, It's already dying I guess. I don't really spend money of it 'cause i'm getting a new machine so.. I could probably get a PSU and a CPU fan though. June is far
  3. Sparkle, eh? Well, the 1 year warranty kinda says it all. You've most likely got a turd powering your system, so that would be my prime suspect in the mystery of who murdered your computer.

    I would suggest buying a new power supply, a good quality one. With a little luck, it could end up fixing your problems for the time being. If not, it's one part you won't need to buy for your next system.

    The XFX Core Edition 550W is a pretty good unit at the affordable end of the scale.
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