High Quality audio sound out of all surround sound speakers?

Hi! I have just found the 'Creative Inspire 5.1' in my neighbours garage (he obviously doesn't want it) and I took it: it comes with four speakers (not five) a sub-woofer and volume control unit, I connected it all together, and wanted to use it with my Lap-top, so it could play my iTunes... I plugged it straight into my Lap-tops audio jack (Just a logo of headphones and a mic) with a 'man-to-man' jack audio wire from my beats headphones (Allthough on the sub-woofer, there is three 'audio inputs'), but it only comes out of two, of the four, speakers.
My question is, how do I get good high-def sound from all four speakers?
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  1. You need to go into your sound software and select speaker fill because most likely the music you are playing is only sending out a stereo signal.
  2. Can you give me a step-by-step on how to do this please?
  3. Assuming you have RealTek HD Audio manager, it is on the lower right of your screen on the task bar.

    Dbl click on the icon and it opens the Real Tek software.
    Go to speaker configuration.
    Select 5.1
    Check box that says speaker fill.

    Now this will be simulated not true 5.1 since it is a stereo signal not a discreet 5.1 signal.

    Happy listening, the Prisoner...
  4. hy am tony by name am using hp dv6 pavilon window7, pls my pc is nt producing a bass sound, i wnt u to tell mi hw i will upgrade d bass sound. tnx
  5. Are you using laptop speakers?
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