Good overclock for i5 3570k / MSI B75MA-E33?

Hello, I would like some advice on overclocking my nephew's computer, as he isn't experienced enough to do it himself, and neither am I.

He has a i5 3570k on a MSI B75MA-E33, and he is currently running the stock cooler. However, he has ordered a Hyper 212 EVO and is planning to OC once he has that in place.

So basically, I understand that there are CPU Host Speeds, CPU Ratios that need to be changed and maybe voltages too, and we can change the speed or the ratio to get a higher speed, but we do not know whether we are doing it right.

Could somebody recommend what settings to change to overclock (whether we should increase the multiplier or the speed, and what the other one should be, and if we need to change voltages). Also do we need to disable or change the turbo if it has one.
If possible, what would good settings be for 4.4GHz as he said that is what he wants to reach

Thank you.
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  1. MSI has a reputation of using weak VRMs on all but their high-end boards. I see from some pictures of it that his mobo doesn't even have heat sinks on the VRMs. If you overclock it at all, do it on STOCK VOLTAGE only, and don't push it too hard even then. Good luck.
    Edit: You may be in luck. The B75 isn't an overclocking chipset, so he may not be able to push it all that much. If you want to overclock, look for a Z77 or Z75 chipset board, preferably from Asus, Gigabyte, or ASRock. Asus in particular uses better VRMs, with thermal protection.
  2. B75 can't oc.
  3. MSI has their "OC Genie" on that board. It has some overclocking potential, but very little. I think the multiplier might be locked beyond whatever the turbo is for the chip. But, I don't know since I don't own a B75 board.
  4. B75 chipsets have a locked multiplier. You can only fiddle with the BCLK and you won't get too much gains from that.
  5. Thank you guys for all your help,

    My nephew said that he wanted a new motherboard anyway, so is getting a ASRock Z75 Pro3, because he also looked on forums and people said he should get a Z75 or Z77, and that was one in his price range <£70
  6. I see that the Pro3 has a heatsink on its VRMs. That is a good sign, but be careful, monitor temps, and make sure those heat sinks have some airflow over them.
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