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While helping a friend move, a pair of Logitech R-20's* were dropped on the ground. This shoved the prominent volume knob into the casing, and snapped the circuit holding it in**. The speakers have a high sentimental value, so replacement is not an option. Does anyone know how/where I could replace the chip? Thank you for reading!

PS: I can probably replace it by hand if I can find a place to order it online.

**A Confirmed Member bug is mucking up my ability to post a picture directly, sorry.
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  1. If that is the three terminals I see toward the bottom right of your pic, this is probably repairable electronically, but my require some physical reinforcement to make it feel like new again.

    It *looks* like you broke the physical mounting structure and ended up with a clean-break at the electronic contact points. Heck, the potentiometer itself is probably still fine.

    Most radio-shack pots have shaft-mount hardware that may allow you to use the outer plastic housing as the new mounting platform. This will simply require you to solder the three leads with wire that's long enough to allow for reassembly.

    Can you post a higher resolution pic? (Like 3 times as large, focusing on the three terminals I mentioned and the PCB in the general area?)
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