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Hello community, I just recently had a couple of display driver crashes and figured that maybe my BIOS needed an update, as I have a pretty new graphics card. I foolishly didn't read my manual or anything prior to, and had no idea of the trouble I was getting myself into. That being said, I have a Gigabyte-za68AP-d3 in a prebuilt cyberpower build, so my tech skills aren't too fantastic, but I would really appreciate any help I can get. I fear that I killed my MOBO in the process of updating it.

After my display driver crash I went to device manager to look for any outdated parts. The @BIOS tool caught my eye in the start menu and figured, hey maybe this'll work. From there I proceeded to go to the US download server and click on my MOBO and start the update. I didn't close my web browser and I had a Youtube video on at the moment and later read that that can be harmful to have up during a BIOS update.

From there on, I haven't had any success on getting windows to start. I have cleared the CMOS which is the only thing that my manual suggested, however I didn't take out the battery, I only touched the cables together for a reset. Oh, also I attempted system restore a couple of times, but that didn't affect the MOBO update in anyway, nothing is working. So as of now, I can navigate through the BIOS and windows repair still comes up as well, however I'm having zero luck and i'm missing the Michigan game because of it.
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  1. First question is can you boot into safe mode? If yes the MOBO is fine and its a driver issue. If you still have problems booting into safe mode you are likely looking at a hardware issue. A system restore will not affect the BIOS in any way. Do you have any other video cards for testing?
  2. if repair install doesn't work, you probably have to reinstall windows.
  3. hey guys thanks for the quick answers, honestly im clueless to what happened during the update. but I just read another post with someone who did the exact same thing, updated bios. And they reset their sata to AHCI as the update put it into IDE, anyways I did that and it started up! A bit slower than normal I guess but hey, it actually works now. anyone know if its permanently damaged at all? I know that the manual said "flash updating is very dangerous" and I did it. I think.
  4. Using the PC is the best way to test at this point. If there were actual damage you likely would not be able to boot at all. You should be fine.
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