Re: Crossfire Issues 970A-G46 Crossfire FINALLY enabled but not working!

Hello Everyone,

I am having some issues with my crossfire setup. I have 2 Sapphire HD 4850's 512MB DDR3, the newer revisions with HDMI. the issues I am having are as follows: I have tried ALL drivers from 13.1 >10.5, and that includes Beta drivers and modded drivers. At first crossfire would not enable because it said i did not have 2 bridges, I only had one. So some messing around i never got it to work, so i got TWO brand new bridges, and crossfire would not enable at all. So i got mad, and formatted my drive and did a fresh install of windows.

I used 11.9 drivers FIRST, these drivers seem to be really stable around the web, so i used these drivers. Okay i get the option to Enable to Disable in CrossfireX, but it was greyed out and i could choose neither. So some messing around, and also to mention I have tested in each card seperately, and they both work, and overclock well, and run cool. So i swapped cards around, used atiman uninstaller to remove drivers, and driversweeper in dos to fully remove, i tried 12.6 and LO AND BEHOLD i can finally choose enable or disable, okay so i choose Enable, my screen flashes, and when it comes back, IT AUTOMATICALLY DISABLES. so some testing with this and moving cards around AGAIN, in the meantime im using 1 bridge, then 2 bridges, and troubleshooting everything.

I install these beta modded drivers im on now, and i enabled it finally, BUT, in GPU-z when i choose the card in the first slot PCI-E slot, it tells me 2 GPU's enabled, but if i choose to look at the second card it says disabled (crossfire available). Okay so i ACCIDENTALY find some kind of fix or bug.

When i plug in the cables to the lower card, and i detect the monitor, and set the monitor on the lower card as the main card, and only use this monitor, crossfire enables and stays ENABLED, okay so i do some testing, and i test with crysis 2 and i get horrible Green vertical lines, okay so some reading around it tells me to Disable Catalyst A.I, and the green vertical lines went away. BUT CROSSFIRE ISNT WORKING!

I Rebooted by machine, left the monitor plugged in the lower card, and it finally booted to the desktop, and crossfirex was still enabled, and in GPU-z it tells me when i check both cards, Crossfire is enabled with 2 GPU's being used. If i run MSI afterburner software, when crossfire is enabled its only listing one card and the other is disabled

But if i disable crossfire, it lists both cards. Also when i run Furmark or any 3d apps, the Load on the main card is 100%, and the load on the second card is 0%,

also i dont know if this is an issue, but i believe the VGA BIOS are the same, they are different revisions, could this be an issue? could the motherboard BIOS be the issue? im using BIOS Revision 1.B0. im going to list some other screenshots as well, ive tried everything and I would like to find an answer to this, im resourced out...

okay if i finally SAW crossfire working, when i hit 115 FPS in 3dmark06, which is exactly double my regular benches...but i have a problem...there is a ton of green vertical lines all over the screen, but this only happens in crossfire, ive underclocked the cards in crossfire to avail, i also BRICKED the cards by putting the wrong BIOS on them, but i made a backup of the BIOS's, and restored them back to working one of these cards shot? if i swap them around and try to run the same configuration i have right now, letting crossfirex activate on the lower card and using it instead of the upper card, it tells me im missing a crossfire cable, but if i rotate them back, crossfire activates and works...

bout to give up and get a 7850 or 650ti...

also i forgot to mention, one card uses samsung ram, and one uses hynix, but they are the same exact BIOS, and and i can flash one BIOS to the other and the cards work and are stable, but i run into the issue about missing a crossfire cable
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  1. I have the Same board with a Pair of HD4980's in crossfire (both OCed models one with the newer HDMI on it) and never had anything trouble with both the board or the card, using a Single crossfire bridge it is working well

    With all that trouble and verticle lines your getting i can only guess that one of your cards has a fault
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