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I would like to build my first computer this Summer with Haswell and an Asus PB278Q 27 in. monitor. What would be the best card in 3-4 months for this resolution for Star Citizen and StarCraft II?
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  1. That monitor has a 2560x1440 res, not a 3840x2160. What is your budget on the card? Just saying best card is not good enough to give an accurate answer on.
  2. I have no budget at this time I expect this build to run over $2,000.
  3. I play SC2 (WOL & HOTS) on ultra @ 2560x1440 on a 2Gb 6950 there is a small bit of lag in large battles (In HOTS only) but nothing major so anything 2Gb 7850 or better. No idea about star citizen.
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    My suggestion then would be a 7970. If you are going to overclock the card just get the standard one, if not get the ghz edition.
  5. Thank you all. Still have time to rethink 2-4 gb GPU card
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