LoL or Dota 2?

Hello all,

Im currently in the market (as you could say) of the Moba genre.
Which one out of Dota 2 and LoL is the most fast paced and hectic as such?

I despise slow paced games, they feel like alot of effort with little reward.

Thanks, also if any other plus points id be grateful for your input.
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  1. Try Smite. It's a third person MOBA, so it combines third person shooters and MOBA and it's free. Try it. I really enjoy it.

    If you enjoy fast paced games, try Starcraft as well. It's an RTS game, but it's probably the biggest name in eSports right now because of the high skill cap and extremely fast gameplay.

    If you were stuck between LoL and DOTA though, LoL is easier to pick up.
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    If you are looking for speed, Heroes of Newerth is definitely the fastest paced and most intense. I too need faster paced games. Between LoL and Dota 2, Dota 2 is much faster.
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