System won't post after moving the CPU to a different machine

My friend's computer wouldn't post, so we moved my CPU into his to see if it was his CPU or his motherboard. It still wouldn't post. So I moved my brother's CPU into his machine again and it still didn't work. Now neither my machine nor my brother's will post.

The voltages for the CPU pins on the PSU on my friend's machine read 12.3 and mine read 12.4. So it seems odd that our CPUs would have died from overvolting.

I have reseated my CPU and RAM. I tried all video outputs. I tried removing my video card and just the onboard video. I tried resetting the CMOS.

All the fans spin, the network lights blink (but it never asks for an IP address so it never boots into the OS), the optical drive won't stop blinking. The heatsink pipes do not get warm.
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  1. What is your PSU? It is possible that the PS is under powered.

    Moving the CPU between different PC's, are the motherboards identical or different? Do the manufacturer webiste conirmt hat your CPU is actually suited to his motherboard?
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