Can a 280 rad fit in a c70 and/or other case for around 100 dollars?

^^^^^, plain and simple, i am looking for a case that will fit a 280 rad in the top fo something like a h110 or x60, i like the corsair c70, but a case with options for a 280 around 100 will be greatly apreciated.
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  1. While it doesn't support a 280mm rad on paper, the C70 can still support it as at the top it is all mesh, you can still screw in the rad.

    Skip to 4:06 in this video
  2. After watching that and i looked at the results of the test, i probably wont go with 280 mm rad, at the price point of the x60, i am better off with the h100i, or the water 2.0 extreme
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