Windows 7 Display Error. Updating Drivers doesnt work.

So originally I was trying to run Trials Gold Edition and it would lead to a black screen with a dialogue message from my monitor saying 'the current input timing is not supported by the monitor display'. So I googled the error and came to a page where it recommended MC-Fix it. So I downloaded it and installed it. Suddenly the same message as before popped up so I reset my computer.Again and again it said the same thing everytime I turned it back on. It goes paste the Windows load screen but never reaches the point where I am prompted to enter my User Password. I googled the problem once again and dug a little deeper. Here are the attempted solutions I have made:

1. Run in Safe Mode, change resolution, then run in normal mode
-Still same exact error
2. Run in VGA mode.
-Made it to password screen then displays the error again
3. Delete display drivers in safe mode then start in normal mode
- Worked fine but in terrible quality so I re installed drivers and the error occurred again.

Solution 3 was my best outcome because I was actually able to boot and run things on my computer but the resolution was low and cramped. Any suggestions?

Extra Info:
CPU: I5-3570k
GPU: On board graphics
Monitor: Dell ST2220L

Please just don't say full system reinstall unless thats the only solution. I'm getting a new graphics card soon, with those new drivers and settings should it work?
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  1. Sounds like poor, incorrect, or outdated drivers possibly. If you are using on board graphics, check with your motherboard manufacturer and see if they offer any new video drivers for you mobo. You can also try going to the graphics manufacturer's (Nvidia, AMD, Intel) website and make sure you have their latest drivers for your chipset.
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