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Should I download beta drivers or regular?

Which is the best one for HD 7770?
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  1. Beta is always the newest.
  2. cookybiscuit said:
    Beta is always the newest.

    My question is which is better. Because I believe Beta's are worse idk.
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    It is entirely dependent on your particular rig. Beta drivers will have the newest fixes, but are not fully tested and could potentially be unstable, although that's pretty rare. They are not "worse".

    It doesn't really matter which you use, if you have a problem uninstall them and try the other. The latest beta helped a few performance issues for me and I have had no problems at all with them. I tend to install the beta
  4. Personally I have had many issues with the 13.10 beta 2 Drivers on my HD7790, Particularly with BF3 crashing on a random but regular basis so I'm switching back to the 13.9 Drivers.

    I think it's just dependent on each individual rig, Try them out and see for yourself, If you experience any issues just switch back, No harm can be done in trying :)
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