How do I reinstall my audio driver on windows xp for a dell mini netbook for free?

Not too long ago I was deleting some stuff on change or remove files on my dell mini netbook which has windows xp and I must have accidentally removed something that was important to my audio driver. Now I have no sound. How do I reinstall my audio driver for free?
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  1. log on dell and use your service tag to get your audio driver for your os .
  2. reinstall the drivers from the CD that came with the netbook.....or on the HD somewhere ..... or from their web site
  3. I got the netbook from a friend so i don't have any information on it and i don't have any cd's or discs that came with the netbook
  4. The Service Tag reference scout_03 mentioned above is on the case somewhere and you need to go to your local Dell website and input that in the Support and Drivers section to find the drivers for the specific equipment they put into your machine. It's the best and safest place to go for drivers for Dell systems.
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