help please, grey screen with vertical lines

Hi all,

I recently started getting a problem with my pc and was wondering if anyone would be able to help me work out what might be causing it.

The problem is over the last 2-3 weeks I have been randomly getting grey screens with vertical lines or black screen with 4 vertical lines it has happened about 5 times so far but seems to be becoming more frequent.

First time it happened I got a grey flicker while playing farcry 3 then a few minutes later I got a full grey screen with pale vertical lines then windows poped up an error report saying the display driver had stopped responding.

The other few times that this has happened the screen went black with vertical lines could still hear sound had to hard reset.

The last time it happened tonight the sound was stuck in a loop had to hard reset from battlefield 3

My first thought was that the gfx card was overheating as my gfx card ati 5870 was hitting 70c + while playing games 34c - 40c idle room temp 20c but from what I have read these cards can run around 80c without a problem?

Perhaps the card is just on its way out I have had it for a while and the cooling fan has started to make a horrible noise when booted from cold but is ok once the system has been on for a few mins and doesn't seem to affect the temps.

I have had gfx cards fail in the past but they either don't post at all or have artifacts on the screen this isn't the case here so could it be the gfx card?

I have ran prime95 for a few hours without any errors and have been monitoring my system temps etc with cpuid hwm but if im honest I don't really know what im looking at as this is my first intel system since the old pentium 3's were around lol.

If someone could have a look at my voltages and temps and let me know if it looks like anything else could be causing a problem It would be greatly appreciated.

I have noticed that Tmpin2 is at 51c while running prime95 seems quite hot is this normal?


System specs : although they are in the image I posted

Motherboard : GA-Z68X-UD3P-B3
Cpu : i5 2500k default clock speed
memory : 8gb ddr3 1600
gfx card : His ati 5870 1gb
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  1. i would check your psu you have 5 volts reading on the 12 volts line and 2.9 max on the 3 volts also the 5 volts is around 4.8 check this link
  2. scout_03 said:
    i would check your psu you have 5 volts reading on the 12 volts line and 2.9 max on the 3 volts also the 5 volts is around 4.8 check this link

    Hiya scout_03, first of all thanks for the quick reply you are right about the voltages I thought they were a bit suspect but I thought perhaps they were dynamic to save power etc as this is my first intel system for quite sometime I just thought it was part and parcel of how z68 + intel systems functioned :( I shall change out the power supply later on tonight and see what values I get but thankyou for pointing out its not right.

  3. Heironious said:

    Thanks for the prompt reply this is exactly what I am seeing and that was a very interesting read and the fact that my voltages are off quite a lot could be the source of this problem as he started off by saying it could be faulty ram on the card itself or he says later on that it could also be contributed by the cpu not getting enough power. I may of read the post wrong however lol.

    On a side note I ran heaven benchmark last night for around an hour with everything maxed out my temps were around 67c on the gfx card but didn't get any lock ups at all so this is going to be a frustrating problem to recreate.

    I was pondering on sticking my gfx card into my other system and playing on that for a few days to see if the problem accurs that way I can say for sure its the gfx card or I can use the power supply from my spare system to run this one.

    Not sure which one to go with my other system is quite a bit slower than this one but for the sake of fault finding I don't mind loosing a few fps.

  4. what are the last result on the power and graphic card test .
  5. Hardware Monitor is wrong. If your system's voltages were really operating at the voltages shown then your system would be completely non-functional.

    Hardware Monitor doesn't properly support the sensor chip on your motherboard so you get the wrong voltage readings.

    I use AIDA64 Extreme Edition that works properly.
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