Windows 8 crashes while installing drivers?

I set up windows 8 and it runs great. Then I insert my asrock z77 extreme4 drivers CD that came with the mobo. For every driver (about) the system reboots. Everything is fine and dandy until one of the drivers (always different every time) finishes installing and when the computer reboots, it just shows the spinning circles and windows 8 emblem for 30 seconds or more, then flashes a blue screen saying "): Inaccessible boot drive." Then every time I try to turn on windows it says that exact thing, "): Inaccessible boot drive."

I've tried this twice (had to restore windows and will have to again) and both times it has done that.

I'm using a 128gb samsung SSD, windows 8 runs great on it and boots within 5 seconds... but the drivers mess it up. I still lack wifi because I failed to purchase a wifi adapter/pci, but this wouldn't stop installing drivers, would it?

Just post if you need me to list anything else... i'm really stumped on this one guys.


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    The drivers on the disk are probably for Win7, and not the latest versions either. It is always best to download the latest drivers from the motherboard manufacturer. Go to the Asrock website, download the latest Win8 (where available, if there is no dedicated Win8 version of a driver the Win7 version will probably work OK) version of the drivers to a USB drive and install them from there onto the system in question.
  2. Thanks, i'll try that. Currently i'm waiting for my WiFi adapter to come in so I can download them. Sadly the computer i'm on is a Mac and it won't allow me to download the drivers on this OS. :(
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