Sub $50 video card for old PC?

I have an old PC that I want to extend the life of for a little while. The weak link is the video card, I believe.

The computer is an HP Pavillion A6028x:

With upgrades to 4gb RAM, AMD 5600+ processor, and a couple of extra HDDs. I have Win 8 64 bit installed.

It has a 300W power supply (the original), a Bestec ATX-300-12Z:

Mobo: MCP61PM-HM (Nettle):

The graphics card I have currently (rather than using the onboard one) is an NVIDIA 8400 GS 256MB (I think it's 256Mb, anyway):

I am looking to spend $30-50 on a new or used video card to replace it. I was looking at:

2Gb Galaxy Geforce 440 GT that I have found for $40 new

1GB Gigabyte Geforce 450 GTS for $50 used:

Visiontek ATI Radeon 3650 512 Meg for $20 used:

I'm stuck with this PC at least for a while, and the current GPU seems to be the bottleneck. I DON'T play video games anymore, so that isn't an issue. I DO watch a lot of video on it, and mainly use it for Photoshop. I also run 2 monitors. Larger videos have trouble playing back, and Photoshop is often slow (I have tweaked the scratch disk and cache files to the best of my ability). Obviously cheaper is better, so I can put the extra $ towards a small SSD or just a new PC eventually.

What do you think of the video cards I have found, or do you have a suggestion for something better for ≤ $50 (new or used) that would be a significant improvement over my old gpu?

thanks in advance,

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  1. EDIT: Never mind, I thought you meant you had a Trinity APU 5600. Go for the 450, out of all of them it's the fastest.
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    Get gt 440 as gts 450 will need new 440 will work with your pc.
  3. Thank you!!!
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