750gb HDD with mSATA SRT (64gb) and SSD BOOT DRIVE (128gb)

i am planning to purchase a new laptop with holds 2HDDs at once along with mSATA slot... i was thinking of getting the standard 750gb 7200rpm drive right now ...and upgrade stuff later
can i set up mSATA for SRT cache with 750gb mechanical drive with another 128gb SSD as a boot drive ...aybe with TRIM support if that's not too much to ask..?
can i do that ?
and how...can some tell me the procedure ?
and what's with the RAID MODE AND AHCI MODE?
do i get to choose independent modes for different drives in BIOS?..like RAID FOR MSATA AND AHCI FOR SSD ?
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  1. you got to chose the mode for the individual controller so if you only have 1 sata controller, setting it to raid mode sets all the sata ports to raid. You can still run a single drive when in raid mode.

    Sorry I do not know if caching will work or not.
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