No POST, No Video, Boot Device LED, Maximus IV, GPU cards dead??

Hey. I was using my computer last night, playing Bioshock infinite, and left it at pause for approx. two hours while i was off to other errands. When i came back, there were no Video, but the computer showed signs of still being on. I did not notice fault codes or post codes at that time, since i didnt suspect anything critical to be wrong.

I restarted the computer, and there are still no video! I have tried booting with my upper card (gtx 580), lower card to no avail (maximus IV has switches to shut off seperate PCI ports), still no video. During boot the RAM LED flashes red, then the VGA flashes red, then the Boot device goes red and stays on. Since 2 gtx 580s are very costly, i hope that this means the cards are nut the culprit here?

any ideas ? I hope i do not have to completely write off my system. It is totally watercooled, so vigorous testing is not that easy, such as removing the CPU, however i do not believe it to be faulty - CPU Led is green and says normal.

help ? :)
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  1. The VGA led is not lit, so i hope the cards are not dead - could this be a sign they aren't ?
  2. gkay09 said:

    yup i have run through it - no issues to speak of :(
  3. Did you try booting with just one video card ?
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