Dell laptop hard-disk is slow, how to fix it?

1 and a half year ago I bought a dell inspiron laptop. Which works fine and smoothly till now. Yesterday it gonna much slower and any operation on the laptop work more slowly than normal. This arises after copying file from my portable hard-disk. Then I scan my portable HDD on another PC and found a virus. I though may be this caused because of virus. Than I scan full laptop HDD and re-setup windows 7 again. But problem won't solve. At last I format whole hard-disk and re-setup again. That won't solve that. I also setup another Linux mint operating system where normally windows based virus won't effect. But on live CD it looks fine and after installing same problem happens again. I am just tired of this thing. Do anyone face same problem? How can I fix this or what is the matter with my laptop?

My problem is--
1. During start-up it takes lot of time.
2. After desktop appearing response of any request is much slower.
3. If any update or application is installed after rebooting it stuck on log in screen.

beside them it works fine.
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  1. It may not be virus-related. The hard drive may be failing, so back up all your data to another location and test the hard drive with the manufacturer's diagnostic software for DOS which loads from a bootable CD (you can't test your operating system hard drive with Windows software). The links are here:
  2. I also agree to test your hard drive with a diagnostic tool:
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