will the gtx 660 2gb(non_ti) perform sometimes faster then the gtx 660 2gb ti???

I want a g.card that can run most of the ultra graphics games on there best graphics but I only have enough money for bouwt a GTX 660 2GB Ti.... now I saw the non ti of the card is a lot cheapor , about 25% cheapor... now I heard that the ti will sometimes perform faster in certain curcamstances... but will it be possible that the non-ti will ever run sometimes faster then the ti??? because why do I want to buysomething expensive if it runs slower then a cheaper product??? please give me your best answers! :)
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  1. 660 Ti will more then likely always be faster then a 660.
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    No, a 660 will never be faster than a 660 TI. Even if you overclocked it to match or maybe even beat a stock 660 TI, you could then overclock a 660 TI to even higher performance levels. Not to mention, apart from clock speeds, the fact that the TI version has more shader units means it simply will always be more powerful because it has more hardware to execute code with.
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