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My 320gb Seagate Barracuda drive has been making loud clicking noises since the last one year. i have backed up my important data but i am very annoyed by it. is there anything i can do to solve this problem. Am pretty sure the noises come from the HDD as i have built a new pc recently while re-using my old HDD. However this noises started occurring since before i built a new pc. I have downloaded the Seagate Seatools but dont know what to do with it . Can you help me solve this problem ? should i buy a new HDD or wait till ny current one fails since inspite of making loud noises it still works just fine if a little slow.
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  1. First, you need to confirm the noise is coming from the HDD. Just open the case and put your ear next to it when the system boots. Maybe the loudness is just subjective as all HDDs will make some kind of noise. I guess I'd ask someone you know who knows something about computers as well listen to the drive.

    Personally, I wouldn't trust any drive making loud clicking noises. I haven't dealt with a drive in the last 6 years that makes loud clicking noises as part of normal operation. Before that, it seems drives were much louder. If I had a drive making noises I considered to be loud clicking noises, I wouldn't count on any software to solve the problem. I'd replace it while it's still functioning by cloning the drive while I still can.
  2. how do i clone a hard drive ?
  3. Apricorn makes a kit for just this purpose as long as the new drive is SATA. You can clone HDD to HDD or HDD to SDD or SDD to SDD with this Apricorn SATA Wire kit and the included EZ Gig software. It actually came bundled with Crucial M4 SSDs when they first hit the market. It says it works for laptops, but it works for any system with USB ports and any SATA drives.
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    mohit9206 said:

    I'd go with the Western Digital drive. I've had a great experience with the brand for 20 years. I've voluntarily replaced these drives to increase capacity, but have yet to have one fail on me. I've been buying blues and blacks for years. I've never had experience with greens, but I'd still put my money there if you're looking to go to 2TB in that price range.
  5. ok thanks a lot.
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