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"I want to connect 2 external monitors to my laptop, but it only has one video port. Is there some kind of add-on I can get to connect a second monitor" MY need is to extend the laptops desktop space over two external monitors.
I am already using one external monitor connected to Laptop's VGA output in extend desktop mode. laptop's HDMI output is not in use.
I have few questions here. Please try to be simplistic in your reply.
1) Can I use unused HDMI output to connect to my 2nd external LCD monitor via HDMI to VGA cable? Will the laptop detect the second monitor as 3rd screen and will I be able to extend my desktop screen to third monitor by using laptop's HDMI output?
2) I guess my laptop doesn't have enough graphics to support third monitor. I came to know about this that most of the laptop can support only one external monitor with the inbuilt graphics system.
3) Without knowing the graphics need, I bought a 4 port vga splitter, I thought it will work. But when I connected to the splitter , the 2nd monitor was working as extended space, but the third one was just the clone of second one. Also when using the splitter, the laptop didn't recognize the third monitor.
So please guide me on this and what are the hardware i need so that I can use the third monitor in extended mode.
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  1. What is the make and model number of your laptop?
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