help reset username and password

I got a laptop from my cousin and he don't remember his password. Can you help me change it to my info
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  1. no

    please read the forum rules

    password removal is not allowed

    how would we know who owns it
  2. 1, You can press ctrl+alt+del on the logon screen and login as Administrator - this is the basic admin account and you have 9:1 chance it is not password protected.
    Then go to control panel > users > his account and there is a option to reset password or you can add your own account.

    2, format the drive and reinstall the system - this kills and sweeps about all tracks of the last user.

    3, HiRen's Boot CD has some password recovery tools - you can use those too...
    A little piece of advice>
    Do this only if the laptop is legally yours and you have all legal rights to do so (and/or if you're too lazy to reinstall the OS like I am). If you want to crack someone elses laptop (e.g. your GF - to find out she's cheating) you might end up doing more harm than good (And you could end up in jail and/or pay a hefty fine too) :oD
  3. Not working
  4. contact the laptop manufacturer with proof of ownership so they can help you reset the password.
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