Gigabyte GA-Z77 change to AHCI post XP install??

My first venture into SSD (Samsung 840 pro) and I have hit one of those "I'll know for next time scenarios".

I installed XP SP3 OS and after a number of incremental Ghost images arrived with a fully operational system. It wasn't after I did some investigating I realised I should have set to AHCI in the BIOS from the default IDE to get full speeds out of the SSD. Trouble is changing to AHCI now makes the OS unbootable.

I have seen this can be fixed in WIN7 but need to know whether it is possible to rescue the situation in XP without reformatting the drive switching to AHCI and re-installing?

I haven't attempted to do this yet but is it possible that formatting the drive switching to AHCI in BIOS then loading up the current Ghost image I have will do it or is it something that XP needs to process during the OS install?
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    No it won't work
    Win xp is so old that AHCI wasn’t invented
    You need to load drivers during the installation of xp.
  2. XP install does not include the AHCI drivers unless you add them (slipstream) to your installation disk. They are, however, provided by your mobo manufacturer
    Select XP 32/64 bit
    Save the Driver file to, say, desktop.
    Set a System Restore Point (just in case)
    I believe the downloaded file is self loading, just run the Setup...
    Ignore below!

    Go to Device Manager and locate your SATA Controller in IDE ATA ATAPI Controllers.
    Double Click, and choose Driver Tab and Update Driver/ Install from Location.
    Point to Desktop and Drive Folder Location.
    Hope it works!
  3. From reading the Readme with the file I'll have to F6 at OS installation as I don't have any of the controllers showing up in the Device Manager which might let me install post OS. Oh well job for another day.
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