Three monitors to one graphics card

Hey I have a sapphire radeon 6850 hd, trying to connect three screens to my pc. I have one vga, hdmi and a dvi all plugged into my video card. But only two will display at once it will not allow me to display all three but they are all connected fine. Any help would be awesome.
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  1. If its possible, you should try swapping out the VGA.
  2. I was not aware you could hook up three monitors to a 6850 lol.That's news to me sorry i cannot help.
  3. Older graphics cards would only support two monitors at once. Newer, and higher priced cards will support all the ports.

    1. Do you have integrated graphics on your motherboard? Possibly you could connect one or two monitors there.

    2. Windows 7 does just fine with multiple graphics cards. $25 or so should buy you a card able to attach two more monitors. Leave your gaming monitor attached to the 6850.
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