Always disconnected from servers

Whenever I try to play anything where I have to connect to a server, I get connected, stay connected for a couple minutes then I get disconnected. I know it's a problem with my pc because my ps3 connects and stays connected just fine. The problem spans from browser based games where you have to connect to a server, to downloaded games with servers. I have no clue how to fix it, any ideas?
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  1. This could be your anti virus.
  2. I think it was just something weird with the distance from my router, I'm set up right next to it now and have no problems. I'll continue testing it just to see, thanks anyway.
  3. Could you please select a solution to end this thread :) Thanks.
  4. i take it you were connected via wifi. at the original spot what was your wifi strength?

    in an area with poor wifi signal the network could drop out potentially at times.

    it could also be your firewall/antivirus acting up as well.
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